We approach the cultured meat industry with a scaffolding project.

The Navarrese start-up Cocuus System Ibérica, specialised in 3D printing and the application of laser technology for the food industry, has opened a new R&D line aimed at technological development in the field of scaffolding,

Cocuus' innovative technology, winner of the Ingenia Startup awards

Cocuus System Ibérica, a company specialising in laser printing and processing applied to the food industry, is the winner of the Ingenia Startup award, organised by the Food for Life-Spain platform.

Food & Mambo, awarded Best Catering 2020, features Cocuus technology

Food and Mambo has been awarded the prize for Best Catering 2020. Thanks to the EMA Music Awards MTV event, in which the audience was provided with technology developed by Cocuus.

Improving nutrition for the elderly and people with special needs

Ten companies in the region have launched the NUTRI + project to develop food for the elderly and/or people with swallowing problems and other population groups with specific nutritional deficits.

La innovación foodtech no se corresponde con el peso de la alimentación española

Mila Valcárcel: In the case of Cocuus, for example, although the visible part is currently its activity in 3D food printing and laser technology, the motivation for its selection comes from its technological development in the field of scaffolding, which is basically where the cells are supported to grow in the production process [...].

Revolutionising the Spanish agri-food industry with Spain Foodtech

Not so long ago it seemed like a distant future to imagine what the food of the future would look like, but more and more visionary startups and entrepreneurs are taking their passion for the food sector to the next level with innovation and disruptive ideas. 

Cocuus from Navarre wins food innovation award for its printers

The Navarre-based company Cocuus, which specialises in research into the use of printers in the food sector, was awarded first prize in the Ingenia Startup competition this Tuesday as the most outstanding innovation of the year.

We collaborate together with the Tec de Monterrey and Bersey Consulting

Imeanticipa, together with Bersey Consulting, and as a result of their usual collaboration, have coordinated the participation of the Navarrese company Cocuus, a gastronomic laboratory, as an international example of innovation,

Using beer foam as an advertising medium for the first time

To date, 3D printers have been seen capable of printing with certain food materials. There is even a Barcelona-based startup called Natural Machines that has created a printer called Foodini that can produce complete meals by mixing all kinds of raw materials that can fit through its nozzle.

A robot to quench thirst and curiosity

Alexia quenches thirst and curiosity. She serves beer, tells the customer what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, her team's results or the most important events of the day. It even plays music. Like Amazon's voice assistant, but at 1.60 metres and 80 kilos. And even if it doesn't [...]

This is the most tender beef you can eat, and it's not sirloin.

Gastronomy is a science that cooperates with other disciplines that are apparently alien to it. Traditional cuisine can coexist with molecular cuisine; meatballs are not at odds with spherifications, nor fire with liquid nitrogen. All techniques are valid. In this scenario, avid for innovations with which to surprise an increasingly demanding clientele, the [...]

Cocuus or the world's first machine that treats food with lasers

A simple rice black pudding can evoke adventures of riches, give rise to debates about human greed or simply a conversation about different countries and their currencies. This is just one of the proposals that make up the culinary collection of Cocuus, a company from Navarre that, in just one year of [...]

Cocuus, the 'digital kitchen' revolutionising gastronomy

The worlds of art and engineering, in principle, do not have much to do with each other. In gastronomic jargon, it would be like trying to put water and oil together. It seems impossible. Until now. Patxi Larumbe Beramendi and Daniel Rico Aldaz, from Pamplona, 53 and 38 years old respectively, have combined both worlds. […]



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