Cocuus, the 'digital kitchen' revolutionising gastronomy

October 6, 2017


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The worlds of art and engineering, in principle, do not have much to do with each other. In gastronomic jargon, it would be like trying to put water and oil together. It seems impossible. Until now. Patxi Larumbe Beramendi and Daniel Rico Aldaz, from Pamplona, 53 and 38 years old respectively, have combined both worlds. The result, a universe of almost infinite creative possibilities in gastronomy. Digital cuisine has arrived.

In their garage in Cizur Menor, in the purest Steve Jobs style, they have created the start-up Cocuus, an entrepreneurial initiative selected by the Orizont accelerator and in which Sodena also participates in its capital with 20,000 euros. Patxi Larumbe and Daniel Rico have designed and developed a machine that, in addition to cutting and engraving on all types of food, can cut and engrave on wood, leather, fabric, plastic, silicone, foam, polystyrene and a wide range of auxiliary materials to make all kinds of moulds and masks. In addition, it has an interchangeable head that allows printing viscous materials such as chocolate, jam, melted cheese, cream, spreadable cheese, cream or foie gras.



This technology has been used to make the creations that can be seen in the photos that accompany these lines, and which have earned Ferrá Adriá himself a place on this company's list of clients. Patxi Larumbe explains that the chef continues to be the protagonist in the preparation of the dish. "The machine only does the work. The value of this machine is that the chef has an endless number of ways to present his dishes. And not only that. We have also managed to fulfil one of the profession's demands. The chef can make his own tools", he says as he shows a rolling pin that he himself has made to engrave a Sanfermín motif in puff pastry dough.

The idea that inspired the creation of this company came during a dinner party: "One day we decided to use all our mechatronics, numerical control milling machines, laser cutting systems to 'build' the dinner for some friends, and surprise them. This is how we cooked the food that was served at a dinner at the Casino Principal in Pamplona. The surprise was so intense among the attendees, that we realised that it would be feasible to create a tool to do it. We thought that if it were reasonably priced, it would be very marketable".

At that time they started to design a first prototype based on their knowledge of laser cutting machines. The market price of these machines is around 80,000 euros. Their aim was to bring the price down to 2,000 euros in some cases.

The company, set up in June, has already taken important steps. They have tested their prototype in the Baserri restaurant in Pamplona to detect areas for improvement. As part of their business plan, they plan to present the technology they have developed in Madrid to start marketing it.

The machine is just one part of the project, which consists of creating a database on the Internet, where users share their creations under quality control so that the customer who buys the machine acquires a huge range of possibilities and ideas for its use. "The limits are set by the cook".

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