Cocuus Award for Innovation in the 25th Edition of the Navarra Chamber of Commerce Awards

December 14, 2021




Cocuus, a revolution in food from 3D-printed foods

The Cocuus Humanoid Robot received the Innovation Award presented by the member of the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, Luis Unceta Rivas, and the Ebro Territorial Director of Caixabank, Isabel Moreno Bartolomé. The Cocuus business is focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of industrial food printers. The jury highlighted its markedly innovative nature, as it reproduces foodstuffs similar to the originals using printing technology and offers an enormous projection in the field of artificial foodstuffs of the future. The technology developed by Cocuus anticipates the challenges that the food industry will face in the next decade, such as digitalisation, the search for more sustainable models and innovation in products and ingredients.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce calls for unity in the face of the change in the economic cycle and considers it necessary to leave any political agreement aside.

This afternoon, the Chamber of Commerce of Navarre presented Esteban Morrás Andrés with the Business Career Achievement Award 2021. It also awarded Urtasun Tecnología Alimentaria the Prize for Internationalisation and Cocuus the Prize for Innovation. In this 25th edition, the Chamber of Commerce awarded a Special Prize to the Hotel and Tourism Association of Navarre and the Navarre Association of Small Hotel and Catering Businesses for their capacity to resist and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. The awards ceremony, sponsored by CaixaBank, took place at the Hotel Muga Beloso.

After the awards ceremony and the speeches of the winners, the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Navarre, Javier Taberna, congratulated the winners and highlighted their work, career and contribution to Navarre and remembered "the families of all those who have suffered and left us because of the pandemic. Taberna also wished to recognise and thank the work of health workers, state security forces, politicians and especially the Department of Health of the Government of Navarre.

Taberna stressed that the award winners stand out for their creativity, ingenuity, innovation and vision of the future, as well as for their effort, sacrifice, love of risk and social conscience, "common to the vast majority of entrepreneurs".

For the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Navarre, these are "necessary attributes to successfully face the 5th industrial revolution". In this sense, Taberna recalled that the previous industrial revolution represented a step towards "the greatest period of prosperity and well-being for the people of Navarre in our recent history" and stated that we must take "the example of success and adapt it to our times".


Harnessing fiscal autonomy and developing bold policies

To this end, Taberna calls for making the most of the Foral Regime and fiscal autonomy "that does not worsen the situation of our citizens and companies but rather encourages investment, the attraction of companies and, consequently, the creation of employment" and the development of bold economic policies where companies and the self-employed are the real protagonists. Taberna called for the completion of public infrastructures such as the TAV and the Navarre Canal and the consolidation of sectors that are absolutely strategic for Navarre, such as the Agri-food, Renewable and Automotive sectors; the transparent management of EU funds; the development of a decisive and courageous policy of Dual Vocational Training and the negotiation of the Economic Agreement with the State "on an equal footing" and "without complexes".

For Taberna, it is essential that all this is done together and "we will need a generous will, looking for all those things that we have in common, putting the interests of Navarre and the people of Navarre above any other interest". In this sense, the President of the Chamber of Deputies has been categorical and has affirmed that "unfortunately there are still groups and parties in our society that ask us to "turn the page" without them having definitively closed their book of terror and death that has been open for more than 40 years with hundreds of innocent victims".

All this pain cannot be healed with a wink, a phrase or a gesture to the gallery, even if they tell us that the repugnant receptions they give to their "heroes" in the same streets and towns where they committed their crimes will now be more discreet," he said. Taberna hopes that "one day those responsible or their political heirs will ask for sincere forgiveness and, at last, we will be able to achieve full coexistence. But until this happens, I sincerely believe that we should leave them out of any political agreement".

The President of the Autonomous Community of Navarre, María Chivite Navascués, was in charge of closing the prize-giving ceremony. After congratulating the award winners, the president said that she was looking to the year 2022 with optimism. Chivite pointed out that the Government of Navarre's budgets have a clear investment vocation. For the president, it is necessary to transform Navarre, above all in the ecological and digital spheres, and she called for public-private collaboration.

Chivite underlined the lines of collaboration they have with the Chamber of Commerce and that both entities have a common vision for the prosperity of Navarre.


Estebán Morrás, a visionary who made Navarre a benchmark in renewable energies

Morrás received the award from the President of the Chamber of Commerce, the President of the Autonomous Community of Navarre and the Mayor of Pamplona. The businessman from Sesma has been awarded for the role he played in the launch of renewable energies in the region, as he led a successful venture that turned Navarre into a world reference in this sector. The jury highlighted his capacity for anticipation and vision of the future and described him as a businessman and entrepreneur capable of generating new businesses in disruptive and changing environments. In addition, the jury highlighted his ability to take the name of Navarre around the world and to do a great job of attracting and maintaining talent in the region.


Urtasun Food Technology, presence in 50 countries and 60% of exports

The President of the Parliament of Navarre, Unai Hualde Iglesias, and the Second Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce, Miguel Suárez Martínez, presented the Internationalisation Award to Francisco Palacios Chaurrondo, General Manager of Urtasun Tecnología Alimentaria. The jury of the Navarre Chamber of Commerce Awards highlighted its leadership in the manufacture of equipment for processing vegetables and fruit, with more than 60% of its turnover in exports and a presence in more than 50 countries. Urtasun Tecnología Alimentaria has recently been acquired by the US firm JBT Corporation, a global provider of technological solutions for high-value segments of the food and beverage industry.

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