We collaborate together with the Tec de Monterrey and Bersey Consulting

October 28, 2020


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Imeanticipa, together with Bersey Consulting, and as a result of their usual collaboration, have coordinated the participation of the Navarrese company Cocuus, a gastronomic laboratory, as an international example of innovation, in the subject of Projects II, in the Industrial Design degree, with one of the most prestigious universities in the world in the area of technology and business, the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Tec de Monterrey), Puebla campus.

The students are developing various projects on innovation in the distribution of products related to mezcal or mezcal itself, a Mexican alcoholic beverage. The teachers are Mara Godoy, Andrea Escobar and Ángel Morúa.

Under his direction, Patxi Larumbe, from Cocuus, showed the students the important advances that are being developed and that affect the way we experience the act of eating and drinking. From the printing of drinks, the change of texture in food for people with chewing and swallowing problems or simply the vision of the future of the sector.

It was a very enjoyable class, where Patxi not only showed his creations, but also the Cocuus laboratory of ideas, where they are working on bringing the future to the present.

Patxi Larumbe, from Cocuss, also shared his experience as an idea developer and concept inventor, and advised the students on the direction they should give to their projects. It was a very positive experience, where the students interacted in a very productive way, applying the concepts to their subject, career and life projects.

In addition, the session was attended by representatives of the mezcal industry from Puebla, bringing together the reality of the market, disruptive innovation and the future of Mexico in the same room. The discussion with the companies showed very clearly the interrelation between innovation and internationalisation as a unique and joint opportunity.

Imeanticipa, Bersey Consulting and Cocuus, thank the Tec de Monterrey, Puebla Campus, and Angel Morua, for the opportunity provided, and hope to continue contributing their knowledge to promote the development of Puebla in particular and Mexico in general.

At Imeanticipa we have been bringing intelligence and internationalisation to companies, administrations and regions for more than 20 years. We are experts in market intelligence and are based in Spain and Mexico.


Post by David Sanchez

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