Revolutionising the Spanish agri-food industry with Spain Foodtech

November 12, 2020


Bioprinting, Laser


Not so long ago it seemed like a distant future to imagine what the food of the future would look like, but more and more visionary startups and entrepreneurs are taking their passion for the food sector to the next level with innovation and disruptive ideas. 

One such company is Cocuus, created by founding partners Patxi Larumbe and Daniel Rico. This company was born in Navarra, Spain in the beginning as a result of experience in the hospitality industry and a passion for technology and innovation.

They are now a high-tech company in the agri-food industry following a 2D and 3D laser and inkjet food printing project, giving the possibility to create plant-based and cell culture-based food alternatives.

Today the planet is struggling, as we know, with climate change, compromised natural resources, water use and arable land space, which makes it essential to apply new alternatives and technology in the creation of food to feed the entire population of the future in a sustainable and sustainable way.

It's a big challenge! And that's where companies like Cocuus come in to impact the food industry and bring about a change in the way we produce and grow our food, through engineering, architecture, science and innovation it creates specialised machinery that will allow us to produce 2D and 3D bioprinted food, with options of plant or cellular origin.

In a very short period of time, they have established themselves as a European benchmark through several awards and their presence in national and European markets, and are soon expected to evolve the application of their technology to new products and markets.

Cocuus is designing the food of the future today.

Spain Foodtech

Post by David Sanchez

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