A robot to quench thirst and curiosity

June 2, 2020




Alexia quenches thirst and curiosity. It serves beer, tells the customer what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, the team's results or the day's highlights. It even plays music. Like the voice assistant of Amazonbut at 1.60 metres and 80 kilos. And even if you don't need it, with a protective screen.

Since last Saturday, this robot has become an attraction at the Bavaria in the Castle Square. The first in the world to serve on a terrace, say its creators. The robot's domain is delimited by a circle in the middle of the terrace. Alexia runs formally along its lane, detects each of the tables and attends to the clientele according to how it has been programmed. The customer picks up his or her drink, presses a button and Alexia goes on its way. "We built this robot to assist catering companies, but with the dynamics of covid we realised that it makes a lot of sense to use it so that there is no contact between people," explains Patxi Larumbe, commercial director and founder of the Cocuus gastronomic laboratory. His company uses laser technology and printing InkJetThe robot can, for example, draw on beer foam, turn a chicory leaf into a lizard or tattoo messages on olives. And as Patxi and Santos Muñoz, head of the Baviera, are lifelong friends "and we are debugging the robot's operating system, we asked him to use his establishment to evaluate the things that happen with the machine, details that you don't detect until you start it up". And he wants to make it clear that the robot "is not intended to take away jobs, but to take the heat out of the problem of covid, so that people come, take a photo, have fun...".

"At the moment it is unfeasible to replace one person with Alexia. It is the beginning of a Cocuus project, which I think will go further, perhaps aimed at another type of business. But here it is a complement more for fun than for work", says Santos Muñoz, who did not think "that it would have so much impact. I knew it was going to surprise and please, but not that much".

Alexia is more for fun than for work" - "Alexia is more for play than for work". SANTOS MUÑOZ, Owner bar Bavaria

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